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Holistic Recovery Minute – Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the state of having a clear perception of your own strengths and weaknesses, knowing your own beliefs and motivations and having control of your emotions. This is one of the most important aspects in recovery as it allows you to identify and address triggers, stresses, and thought processes that led you to addiction. […]

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Holistic Recovery Minute – Enthusiasm vs. Actual Change

Don’t mistake an enthusiasm to change with actual action. The former is nice to have, but the latter produces actual change. In the beginning  stages of recovery it is easy to be so enamored with your new way of life that you lose sight of the harsh realities of recovery. Recovery is an active change […]

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Leading Causes of Addiction

As a therapist, I have been privileged to address some of the reasons that led a person to start drinking or using drugs which over time led to a substance abuse addiction. Sexual abuse is one of those reasons, particularly childhood sexual abuse. Those who were abused sexually as a child by a parent, a […]

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