Why We Give: Terry and Mary Stadler

Terry and Mary Stadler first became involved with House of Hope in the summr of 1989. At the time, Terry was going through the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Lay Ministry Program. Terry reached out to Sr. Therese O’Sullivan to learn more about the mission of House of Hope and she invited him to start volunteering.
After retiring, Terry and Mary continued making donations to House of Hope but eventually had to stop when Terry graduated from Catholic Theological Union and entered Church ministry as a Pastoral Associate. Terry said money was tight on a minister’s salary but he and his wife never forgot about the important work being done at House of Hope.
Recently, the Stadlers made a selfless decision to donate a portion of their COVID-19 stimulus checks to Southside Center of Hope in support of the women and children who find refuge at House of Hope.
“My wife and I believed in the work of Sister Therese and Sister Connie back in 1989 and we continue to believe in the mission of Southside Center of Hope today. We are very happy to be able to donate a portion of our stimulus check to women in recovery from addiction,” Terry Stadler said.