Women in Recovery – Linda’s Story

Linda Williams is a mother of four children ages 28 to 42. She started drinking alcohol when she was a teen in order to interact with people. Williams became Linda Croppedaddicted to drugs when she was 40. She had periods of being drug free after participated in drug treatment and recovery programs on two different occasions. But she kept reverting back.

Eventually, Williams stopped paying her rent and other bills.  Fueled by her addiction, Williams quit her CNA job at Birchwood Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2014. “My life consisted of getting high every day whether it was heroin, cocaine or alcohol. Then I realized I couldn’t stop.”

But when she entered St. Martin de Porres House of Hope’s drug recovery program in August 2014, she finally felt a sense of peace. Williams has completed all three phases of  St. Martin de Porres House of Hope’s drug recovery program. She’s gotten recertified as a CNA, and was rehired at Birchwood Plaza in June. Now she is looking for an apartment.

She believes that she’ll stay drug free this time because St. Martin de Porres House of Hope’s counselors helped her deal with painful issues, and she has a new network of people to support her, even after she leaves the program.  And she feels pretty good about herself. “I love me today. I have developed a relationship with God. I never had any of that before.”