Reflecting on 39 years of Hope

Southside Center of Hope has had the privilege of welcoming thousands of single women and women with children, to its family, in hopes that we can empower them to live a life free from addiction for 39 years.

While each woman’s name and journey may be different, “their story”, what happened in their life that led to their drug and alcohol addiction, likely incorporated abuse and trauma.  Often, when women come to us they are hopeless, and have given up on life because of the burden of their past.

We know their future is scary and uncertain, but all we ask is that they take it one day at a time, take the program seriously and utilize all the resources offered. And above all else, have a positive attitude and willingness to change their thoughts and behaviors.

Thanks to the vision of Sister Therese O’Sullivan and the late Sister Connie Driscoll, our staff, donors, volunteers and trusted partners, thousands of women and children across the Chicagoland area have a different story to tell.

Southside Center of Hope believes that when you change a woman’s life, you change a family’s life. We look forward to another 39 years of changing lives. Thank you to all the families that have allowed us to be part of their recovery story.

Together, we light the way home for the next woman to live drug and alcohol free.


Executive Director