My Third Step

My Third Step


The third step is part of the 12-step program I went through to recover from my addiction to substance abuse. Although all of the steps are vital to recovery, it was my decision in the third step that allowed me to successfully end my long-term battle with addiction.

In the third step, I turned my will and life over to the care of God. I found God to be my greatest source of strength and courage.

My third step was about inviting God to be in collaboration with me.

I developed a relationship with God. I relied on Him in a way I never had before in my life. I stopped gossiping as much. I started checking my motives for helping people because I always had an ulterior motive for whatever I did. I welcomed opportunities to pray more and I began to pray responsibly. I prayed for understanding and strength to be in intimate relations with God.

I delightfully created time to be alone with God. I walked down the street silently sharing my innermost desires, passions and dreams with the only Force that could love and care for me. I looked forward to God taking my will and showing me how to live one day at time. I learned how to do the right thing for the right reason because it was the right thing to do. I asked God for help in the morning, and I thanked Him throughout the day for my new life, my new hope, and my new dreams.

Why did I need to make this change?

Before the third step, I spent most of my adult life being mad at God for allowing me to make bad decisions. Right before my third step, I made a decision to cosign for a car for my son. I was devastated when he didn’t honor the contract. Instantly I started beating up on myself. How could I be so stupid? I went into a serious emotional depression.

Thankfully, I turned those feelings and emotions over to the care of God. I knew I couldn’t handle the emotional pain alone. I prayed to a God for understanding. Through the gift of understanding, I became willing to accept the part I played in creating my problem and embrace a spiritual solution. This spiritual development took place as a result of me accepting personal responsibility for trying to make up for 28 years of being a bad parent with one so called “good purchase.” Not only did I begin to accept personal responsibility for this decision but for every bad decision that I had made in my life.

12 Steps To Substance Abuse Recovery

Most 12-step substance abuse recovery programs are designed to help individuals create a new life that does not involve drugs. These programs also encourage individuals to be as happy as possible. Additionally, the programs are designed to encourage individuals to take an honest look at themselves and to serve as a model for self-change.

In my 12-steps to recovery, I was able to take an honest look at myself and once I realized I was spiritually disconnected from my power source, I found ways to get reconnected. In doing so, I found God to be my greatest source of strength and courage. My hope is that everyone going through a 12-step program finds his or her source and gets reconnected to who they were created to be.