Meditation As a Daily Practice

Would you set out on a long road trip with no gas in your car? Would you start a full day of hard physical activity without eating something first? Would you go on a long walk in the hot sun without first drinking plenty of water? Of course not. That would be foolish. Yet many of us who say we want to stay clean consistently start the day without first taking time for prayer and meditation. It’s no wonder we often feel like we are running on empty. If you haven’t tried it before, see what happens when you practice Step Eleven as your day begins. Go to the Source of blessings, sit in Divine Light and drink from the well of God’s abundant and merciful love. Then see if those days are any different than the ones where you jump out of bed and run for the door. When you notice the difference, you might consider making that your daily practice.

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Prayer for the Day

I pray that I will be willing to start every day by making conscious contact with my Higher Power through prayer and meditation. I ask God to increase my ability to sit in silence, so I can receive the blessings that my Higher Power has for me each day.

©Marco Pardo 2015