Joann’s Recovery Story

Joann, House of Hope Alumna

Q: When did you complete the program at House of Hope?

Joann: I was at House of Hope in 2017 for about 8 months.

Q: How has your life changed from when you started the program up until now?

Joann: When I started the program, I had been unemployed for some time and didn’t have a place to live. Since completing the program, I resumed my career as a teacher, I have an apartment and I’ve been able to rebuild my relationship with my family. 

Q: What did you learn or gain during the program that has helped you to stay clean and sober?

Joann: I learned a lot about self-discipline and the importance of maintaining a stable routine. There was a regimented routine we had to abide by every day while I was at House of Hope and that stuck with me. I still maintain a very regular day-to-day living style.

I also learned how to build relationships with other people. We lived in a dormitory-style room with several other women and of course, our personalities were not all the same. I had to learn how to build relationships with all these people and how to be patient.

What I learned at House of Hope has helped me to rebuild relationships with my family and how to build relationships with coworkers at work.

Q: What advice do you have for women who are just beginning their recovery journey?

Joann: I would say to just be patient and do the things that are asked of them without trying to analyze them. You won’t understand a lot of the rules at the time but in the end, they all have a purpose.

I also would want them to know that everything they are going through is going to benefit them. Even though it can be difficult and hard to understand, just persevere. If you want to get the benefit of the program which is to have a clean life for yourself then you have to accept that it’s strict and you have to obey.

Q: What are you most grateful for today?

Joann: When you go through the 12 steps it’s important to do each step and to do it well. I am a Christian and I have been for quite a while and I was able to not only rebuild my relationships with family and friends but I also rebuilt my relationship with God. A lot of the times I failed in trying to implement sobriety in my life was because I didn’t work the steps and get back to my relationship with God. 

I wanted to have relationships because I felt alone but the people I knew weren’t good for me. Out of a need for having someone in my life, I would get drawn back into those bad relationships and end up back in my old vicious cycles. My relationship with God is what I’m most grateful for today and what helps me stay sober.