Adjusting To A New Normal

The residents at Southside Center of Hope are coping with the mayor’s “shelter in place” order and adjusting to a new way of life. Many of our residents were working, participating in training programs, and going to school before the COVID-19 pandemic.

One resident, Natasha, has been living at Southside Center of Hope since November and is currently preparing to take the GED test. Natasha was taking GED classes in person before the pandemic hit and now has transitioned to online classes.

Natasha is thankful for the safety and recovery support Southside Center of Hope has provided to her during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Natasha said that she would prefer to be taking classes in person but for now she is grateful that Southside Center of Hope has provided her with the tools and resources she needs to participate in online course work.

“I was a little stressed at first, but I have a roof over my head, I’m sober, and everything’s starting to look up for me,” said Natasha. “I think about my future and things I’ve already accomplished and what I’m going to continue to accomplish once this is over and that’s what keeps me motivated.”

In addition to working and studying from our facility, our residents are also getting creative with how they spend their free time.

“It really hasn’t been too bad, other than the fact that we can’t go out. I read, I play games, plus the staff is trying their best to keep us occupied and keep us doing what we need to do for our recovery,” said Natasha.

While many aspects of life have slowed down or disappeared completely, recovery from addiction is one thing that can’t be put on hold.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, residents have been taking turns leading 12-step meetings at the facility and working together to choose the topics of discussion that will be most helpful to them during this time.

We are proud of our residents for showing resiliency and perseverance during this unprecedented time and for adjusting to a new sense of normal.