2015 Graduation Ceremony

2015 GraduationOur annual graduation ceremony took place on July 31st. During our annual celebration, we honor our GED students for the concentrated time that they spent to further their education. Receiving a certificate of completion is encouraging and satisfying on many levels for our women.

The highlight of the day was honoring two women, Afi Atitso and Michelle Schaffer who received their GED Certificates. These two women marched to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance”, while wearing a white cap and gown and carrying a bouquet of red roses.

Several women and staff members shed tears of joy and praised Afi and Michelle for their achievements.  Our 2015 graduation ceremony was a great day of celebration for everyone who attended. Our two GED recipients will have their photos placed on the wall of fame so their efforts will be acknowledged and remembered.