10 Ways To Stay Sober at Home During COVID-19

All of the extra pressure, uncertainty, and free-time that has become part of the COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately made maintaining recovery more difficult for many women. It seems like social distancing will be a part of our lives for a while, so it is important to have ways to relax and improve your mood. Here are 10 ways to stay sober and have good, clean fun from home!

1. Find a new recipe!

Whether or not you’re a seasoned chef, you can have fun cooking or baking something new. Try one of the thousands of fresh bread recipes, or plug in ingredients you already have to change up your routine. Even better, get on a video call with friends or family to “cook together” and see who can make the best meal!  

2. Stream a yoga or dance class.

It can be hard to motivate to work out without a gym. Luckily, there are thousands of free dance and yoga classes online. Whether you need to let loose or meditate, there is something out there. Clear out some space on the floor and move like there’s nobody watching.

3. Get together with a Game Night.

Host a board game night over Zoom! We may not be able to get together indoors, but many of the best party games can be easily played from afar. Once you get past not being together, you’ll be sure to be laughing all night! On your own? It might be time to get into video games! Whatever your preconceptions, there are solo games out there for anyone.

4. Have a paint-along.

Grab some paint, canvases, music, and your favorite non-alcoholic drink! Plaid Crafts has dozens of paint-along videos that make it easy for anyone to do some art. Get your friends on a call and flex your creative muscles!

5. Host a craft night.

Not into painting? Have a Zoom craft night! Gather up some old magazines for collages, learn origamior print some coloring sheets to take your eyes off the screen. No masks required.

6. Take a bubble bath in the dark.

Feeling overwhelmed? Put on your most calming playlist, light a candle or some incense, and take a bath! A few drops of essential oils (lavender is my favorite) can help your muscles relax while you take some time for yourself. Be sure to lock the door so you can’t be disturbed! 

7. Make a to-do list – and start checking things off!

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s gotten harder and harder to do simple tasks over the past few months. If you’re holding a lot of stress, it may be time to write down all the small things you’ve been putting off. If you’re spending all your time at home, it might as well be clean and comfortable. You’ll feel great once you start checking those boxes!  

8. Learn your favorite music video dance.

Put on your favorite leggings and spend the night learning the choreography from your favorite music video! If you want something a little easier, it might finally be time to learn a TikTok dance 

9. Have an outdoor picnic.

Take advantage of our last warm days. Find a blanket and your favorite fresh foods and summer clothes, and take your lunch outside. Let the Sun brighten up your mood! You can even get takeout from your favorite restaurant without the worry of wearing your mask or putting wait staff at risk.

10. Call Friends or family!

It’s gotten easier and easier to isolate from the people we care about. Take time out of your week to talk to your loved ones! Go for a walk on the phone, or eat dinner together over a video call to unwind. Staying connected is more important – and more difficult – than ever. 

As we start heading into the colder months, it may get harder and harder to keep our spirits high. Staying healthy and sober through a pandemic isn’t easy – Southside Center of Hope is rooting for you. Keep this list of 10 ways to stay sober in mind for when you need a pick-me-up, or just want to have some fun when stuck inside!


About the Author: Alice May is Southside Center of Hope’s summer intern and is passionate about helping women and their children heal from trauma caused by addiction and homelessness. Alice is an undergraduate student and the University of Chicago with a double major in Gender and Sexuality Studies and English.